Seattle Shows Its (Seahawk) Colors

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My wife Florangela got the brilliant idea that I ought to photograph various ways that Seattle was showing its Seahawk colors in advance of Saturday’s division playoff game here against the New Orleans Saints. I had planned on staying warm and dry, but the idea grew on me. So I’m presenting the images a couple ways – via slideshow above and individually below (so they can be viewed a little larger).

This effort, and especially its spirit, is dedicated to the memory of Fred Cordova, a critical supporter and mentor of mine, and voice, journalist and historian for the people.

Enjoy and go Hawks!
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My Top Images of ’13 (Part I)

Many photography blogs and books I’ve read urge photographers to pick their top 10 images every year, to take an accounting of where they are in their craft. Since this is the first time I’ve done such an accounting, I guess the first statement I’m making is that 2013 is the year I became a Photographer.

I mean that in several ways. Although I’ve taken photos on a sometimes professional level, it all was out of necessity (I was publishing a website), it was a subject matter I knew well (basketball) and therefore could “fake” my way through, and I trained myself, many times by attending high-level workshops or seminars and therefore didn’t know a lot of basics of exposure and, often, composition.
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Seattle Holiday Scenes

Still images of Seattle, with a holiday twist, set to Carol of the Bells by the American Boys Choir.