In the Media

Ocean Conservancy
Emily Okikawa, a fellow with the Ocean Conservancy, did a profile on my journalism, focusing on my work raising the profiles of BIPOC in environmentalism and conservation.

Changing the Picture

KNKX Interview
Bellamy Pailthorpe, the environmental reporter for NPR-affiliate KNKX, did a profile about my work on access in the outdoors. We did the interview at the Bainbridge Island Japanese American Exclusion Memorial.

Glenn Nelson on Race and Inclusion in the Outdoors

Seattle Magazine
A featurette on the efforts of The Trail Posse to impact the demographics of who enjoys the great outdoors.

Meet the Man Who is Building a Path for People of Color to Enjoy the Great Outdoors

Outdoor Retailer Daily: Twenty-Five Best & Brightest
Politeness doesn’t go far in the change-the-world business. That’s why Glenn Nelson doesn’t let it get in the way. He identifies an underserved population and focuses his reporting until others notice. The formula works. When he realized high school girls’ basketball was undercovered, he started a website called HoopGurlz, eventually selling it to ESPN. Now, he has turned his direction to another issue: the lack of diversity in outdoor spaces. Nelson founded The Trail Posse to motivate and tell the stories of minority populations. He recently joined High Country News as a contributing editor covering race and public lands. “He’s willing to question what’s going on and ask the tough questions,” says Paul Larmer, HCN’s executive director and publisher. “The world needs Glenn Nelsons out there, pushing on these issues.”

NPR Feature
Tom Goldman, the sports correspondent for NPR, profiled me and my website in the summer of 2009. The piece was aired on “All Things Considered.” Clicking on the link below will take you to the story page, where you can listen to the piece:

Glenn Nelson and HoopGurlz on NPR

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