Print’s Comeback, Dressed in a Swim Suit

It's no great revelation that the last decade's great technological advancements have conferred upon vast numbers of us a bad case of Internet ADD. I guess we should not have been surprised that, given tremendous and ever growing numbers of choices, that we human beings are choosing to sample them all -- and often not anything very thoroughly. If content were morsels, then we're all fat ladies on the couch with boxes of half-eaten chocolates arrayed before us.

A post-P-I, PostGlobe Misstep

The Seattle PostGlobe got off to such an inauspicious start that at least one other Web site produced in Seattle delayed its launch to avoid a similarly barren and embarrassing beginning. I didn’t jump on the PostGlobe effort the way I did the “new” because Hearst had the resources and time to plan a better release. Judging from the product, as well as discussions with those familiar with the way the site came about, it doesn’t appear things are going to change dramatically in the near future.