Sonics / NBA

I guess in Seattle I’m best known for covering the NBA’s SuperSonics. It figures. The team I covered is the team people usually think about when they think about the Sonics, which are no longer located in Seattle. It was extraordinarily talented and exciting team. Although, it didn’t win any titles, it did play in the 1996 NBA Finals. The Sonics had the extreme misfortune of playing against a Chicago Bulls team that was historically good.

This is a remembrance I wrote for The Seattle Times about my time with the Sonics:

A Super(Sonic) Time

Anyway, here are some of my best pieces from that time.

Man-Child: Shawn Kemp

The Son Also Rises: Gary Payton

Coach In-Your-Face: George Karl

The Day After: Nate McMillan

Smooth Christmas: Sam Perkins

Welcome to Shaq World: Shaquille O’Neal

Rising But Reluctant Star: Tim Duncan

Fresh Air: Kobe Bryant

Where Ya Going Now: Eddie Jones

Ivan “Three-Second” Edeshko

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