Career Timeline

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SEATTLE AUDUBON (present), Seattle, Wash. Urban conservation nonprofit focused on birds.

  • Community Director, overseeing inclusion, antiracism, communications, engagement.
  • First chapter in national network to drop “Audubon” namesake.
  • Orchestrated national news media campaign resulting in dozens of stories nationally, including NPR, Seattle Times, Washington Post, CNN.
  • Helped institute more inclusive hiring practices.
  • Developed train-the-trainer guided discussions on race, DEI.

THE TRAIL POSSE (present), Seattle, Wash. Media project to regularly cover race, diversity and inclusion in the outdoors, partner with other publications and organizations to broaden reach, and identify and develop other writers of color.

  • Founder, publisher, writer, editor, photographer, web developer, Trail Posse.
  • Founding member, The Next 100 Coalition.
  • Partners included High Country News and Audubon.
  • Speak and consult about diversity.
  • Events: NPS/Youth, Berkeley; Doug Walker Retreat, North Cascades.
  • Published in The New York Times, Crosscut, Forterra, Seattle Times, Seattle Weekly, Outdoor Photographer,, Marriott International, Prospects Nation, Peach State Basketball, Check Me Out Showcases, various local small businesses. Projects included web series development and script writing, and sports-related Web content and development.
  • Race and social justice columnist for Crosscut: Five first-place awards from Society of Professional Journalists, including three for 2019.
  • Columnist, South Seattle Emerald: Second Place from Best of the West, specialty column.

MAVEN MEDIA, Seattle, Wash. Publishing and business platform with more than 160K monthly unique users and more than 300 titles, including two — Sports Illustrated and TheStreet — operated by Maven.

  • Senior Vice-President, Network and Editorial Development, and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.
  • Network and editorial development for Sports Illustrated team channels. Oversee political vertical.
  • Communications team.
  • DEI: strategic and promotional.

HOOPGURLZ (sold to ESPN), Seattle, WA. The largest website devoted to girls basketball, featuring news, columns, rankings, statistics, listings, photo galleries and forums.

  • Publisher/Senior Writer Designed every aspect of site, posted infrastructure of lists and listings, built traffic to 150,000 unique visitors per month and monthly pageviews ranging to 2 million per month. Cover and write games, players. Evaluate and rank teams and players. Photos, audio slideshows and video. Finalist, Online Journalism Award; outstanding achievement, Interactive Media Awards; three first (including best website, specialize subject) and two third, SPJ. Two-time Golden Web Award winner for design, content and creativity, as well as a recipient of the Sunset Surfers Silver Medal of Excellence.

SCOUT (sold to Fox Interactive Media), Seattle, WA. Online sports network featuring 200 college team, recruiting, NFL and high school sites. Largest publisher of team sports magazines in the U.S. Subsidiary of Fox Interactive Media.

  • Editor-in-Chief: Helped launch and oversee network, managed all experts staff (football recruiting, men’s basketball recruiting, women’s basketball recruiting, college basketball, NFL), conceived and executed brand-recognition campaign, conceived recruiting portal and several features, closed and implemented content agreements (Yahoo!,,,, AP, Getty Images, UGO), managed network communications and content policies, produced and edited 100,000 circulation Recruiting Guide, oversaw marketing and production staffs, liaison to Sports Publisher Association, photos published on,, and several newspapers.

CITADEL PARTNERS, LLC, Seattle, WA. Sports marketing, sales and management company that aggregates niche sports properties into national sponsorship opportunities.

  • Founding Partner: Helped set direction of company, ran operations and company and client communications, generated support material for sales staff, sold company’s first revenue-generating contract, managed online sports feature. (sold to Yahoo!), Seattle, WA. Web-based startup focusing on infrastructure services and sports affinity channels.

  • NBA Managing Editor: Led first cross-departmental initiative, managing content, marketing, operations and advertising and resulting in over 250,000 new registered users, $330,000 in revenue and matching or exceeding like initiatives by key competitors; recruited and developed 34-publisher network; conducted journalism workshops at national publishers convention; helped launch Major League Baseball network; developed qualifying and editorial standards for incoming publishers network-wide; developed content, business and hiring strategies.

THE SEATTLE TIMES, Seattle, WA. Largest regional newspaper in Pacific Northwest with 250,000-plus daily and 500,000-plus Sunday circulation.

  • National NBA columnist: Sunday and weekday columns, news, features and analysis on NBA. Also a regular contributor to Inside Stuff Magazine and Sports Illustrated for Kids.
  • Reporter: Sonics/NBA beat writer (13 years), Seahawks/NFL beat writer, lead writer for 1990 Goodwill Games, lead writer for 1989 NCAA Final Four, lead writer for 1988 Summer Olympic Games. Coordinated Goodwill Games and NCAA men’s basketball coverage. Newsfeatures staff, assistant sports editor.
  • Copy editor: Night sports desk, Sunday sports editor.

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