Jazz and the Flip Mino HD Camera

Now this is a tool that even the least tech savvy users can get up and running in no time. Really, all you have to do is press the big red button to record. A 1.5-inch LCD screen reveals all the action. The lens zooms with the + and - buttons, but even if one didn't know that, she or he could use the "human zoom" (moving closer), which is the preferred way anyway. The unit has 4 GB of onboard memory, enough to shoot about an hour of HD video.

It’s All Relative

I am going to describe my journey – from writer to editor to photographer to audio producer to videographer to, hopefully, multimedia arts journalist. My underlying expertise, I can say with some certainty, is sports – more specifically, basketball. Along the way, I’ll touch on that as well. Mostly I’m going to describe how I’m doing things, in hopes that someone smarter and better can leave a comment on how I could have done something smarter or better, or someone less experienced can learn either how to do or how not to do something.